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Growing up, I witnessed firsthand what true advocacy looks like. When my younger sister was diagnosed with a mental disorder, my parents went on a mission to create better opportunities for her and others like her. At that point in time, there weren’t many options for people with mental illnesses, and as a result, they were often sent to institutions.

My parents wanted more for my sister, though, and so they dedicated themselves to advocating for the rights of those with conditions like hers. The changes my parents fought for didn’t happen overnight, but they did happen. As an adolescent, watching their relentless endeavors showed me what it meant to advocate for those in need, and it’s safe to say that it had a strong influence on my decision to become an attorney.

Strangely enough, though, legal work did not occur to me as a possible career choice for quite some time. In fact, I began college with the intention of becoming an engineer. Then, after discovering that it wasn’t the right fit, I changed my major to history. As I studied past events, I was reminded of the injustices that have taken place over the course of history, and it suddenly dawned on me that studying law would allow me to combat such injustices — just as my parents had done. And so I went to law school.

I believe that each case should begin with a common sense approach and end with real justice.

Once I entered the legal workforce, I quickly found my niche in real estate, business law, estate planning, and especially personal injury. Each of these practice areas gave me the opportunity to walk clients through unfamiliar and sometimes challenging situations. On top of that, they allowed me to do what I had always wanted to do — advocate for others in a meaningful way.

Today, I still feel that guiding clients out of uncertainty is about much more than mere professional satisfaction. Clients come to me when they’re burdened with a concern, an injury, or a larger issue. From there, I get to not only address their concerns but also offer them reassurance as we set out to eliminate whatever burden has brought them to my door. Providing that much-needed relief is more rewarding than I can say.

To ensure that I continue approaching my work with the right mindset, I always make it a point to remind myself of the big picture. After all, without the right perspective, it’s easy to take the wrong approach. That’s why, throughout each case, I regularly ask my clients to share their thoughts, their goals, and their doubts. And outside of work, I allow nature to refresh my view on the big picture by hiking and camping.